Asian Style Tree

Asian Tree
artist, Aimee Stratton
approx. 10'X10'
work completed September 2009
This lovely delicate tree was painted for a little girls' nursery. Painted on a calming lavender accent wall, it provides the perfect place for a baby girl to peacefully fall asleep in the shade of its branches.

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Scuba Sanctuary

"Scuba Sanctuary"
artist, Aimee Stratton
Completed September 2009
approx. 11' X 5'

This mural was painted for a couple of avid scuba divers who wanted to turn their bathroom into an underwater sanctuary. The tile on the wall behind the bath is real, but the wall is completely flat. The window sill had to be painted on to give the illusion of an actual, 3 dimensional window.

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Ticket Booth

"Ticket Booth"
artist, Aimee Stratton
work completed August 2009
approx. 9' x 7'
This trompe d'oeil ticket office graces the foyer of a home theater room. It's a fantastically fun and unexpected way to welcome family and friends in for a movie!
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Velvety red curtains surround the shadow of a ticket-taker behind tinted glass.
Detail of the window and ticket counter.
A theater this awesome should also have a great name!

Painted red velvet ropes lead visitors to the theater's entry on either side of the ticket counter.

Cozy Cottage

"Cozy Cottage"
artist, Aimee Stratton
approx. 7' X 10' X 4'
work completed July 2009

A little faux finishing and a lot of painted stone and woodwork turned this built out children's playhouse into an extrordinary woodland retreat. Please see images below of the stonework, the bush in the back corner, and a close-up of the woodwork and straw roof painted detail!


" Monkeys"
artists, Aimee and Ashley
work completed June 2009

These three trees and five playful monkey's were painted around two little boys' shared bathroom, and were painted to match the Circo Monkey Bath Collection from Target. Each monkey varies slightly in size to better fit its loccation. The trees are 7-9' tall and the monkeys are generally around 18" tall. The monkey's are found:
#1-hanging from a banana tree painted on a large, previously blank wall
#2-Hanging sideways above the bath/shower stall from some vines
#3-Leaning against another tree "shading" itself with a leaf
#4-Crouching on top of the towel ring by the sink
#5-Hanging from his tail above the comode

We came back for painting day 2 and added some more trees and vines to complete the look. Check out some more details below:


This is a 60 foot wall at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Coppell, TX. It was difficult to photograph the full wall, so this is the wall in segments followed by a video--



(Please note: the middle section was custom painted to accommodate pictures of the pre-school children who attend there; the middle section of sky is largely left blank for this reason. )


artists, Aimee and Ashley
10ft. X 60ft.
Work completed May 2009

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Sunlight streaming through the clouds over a rolling hillside and an old crumbling cobblestone wall

Lovely variety of flowers and butterflies

Old gnarled tree bowing over the doorway

Birds flying in the sky

Length of the Hallway from each end