The Solar System

The Solar System

by Aimee Stratton and Ashley Rasmussen
Completed February 2009
8' X10'

This mural covers an entire wall for a very special child that has a passion for all that is planetary. It continues over the door to more completely fill the space.

See more detail below.

The Sun and Inner Planets, Jupiter

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto


  1. I am the one who commissioned this work and I must say that I couldn't have chosen better artists than Aimee and Ashley. Not only did they show up on time and do what I asked, but they were also friendly, clever, and altogether delightful guests in my home. I don't think I'm nearly finished with them, as I hope they both can do hangable works for me later. Aimee is the oil/acrylic specialist (my favorite medium) and Ashley can do watercolors and portraits which, after seeing her portfolio, I've also come to admire. I can't believe that they did this much work for the bargain price I paid! So to both of you and anyone else who's listening... thank you, thank you, thank God for you!

  2. My boys would definately love this one :) I'm not an artist though :( Great job!!!