" Monkeys"
artists, Aimee and Ashley
work completed June 2009

These three trees and five playful monkey's were painted around two little boys' shared bathroom, and were painted to match the Circo Monkey Bath Collection from Target. Each monkey varies slightly in size to better fit its loccation. The trees are 7-9' tall and the monkeys are generally around 18" tall. The monkey's are found:
#1-hanging from a banana tree painted on a large, previously blank wall
#2-Hanging sideways above the bath/shower stall from some vines
#3-Leaning against another tree "shading" itself with a leaf
#4-Crouching on top of the towel ring by the sink
#5-Hanging from his tail above the comode

We came back for painting day 2 and added some more trees and vines to complete the look. Check out some more details below:

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  1. My son just loves the monkeys painted in his bathroom. We had a hard time getting him to bed that first night because he didn't have monkeys in his bedroom! Each morning he runs into the bathroom to see the monkeys hanging from the vines and tree. Thanks Aimee & Ashley!